The Styl’us Member Scheme

The Styl’us Member Scheme is operated by The Stylus Group Limited to “The Styl’us Member Scheme” or “us” shall mean The Stylus Group Limited.

Type of membership
  1. Personal Member: for individuals or home users.
  2. Corporate Member: for corporate customers to register products or those who have signed the contracts with The Styl’us and have been approved to use The Styl’us corporate services (Corporate members) or for individuals to perform activities on behalf of the corporate customer.
Level of membership
  1. The Styl’us Member: any individual who has registered The Styl’us Member; and
  2. The Styl’us Bee Exclusive Member: any individual who has subscribed The Styl’us Bee Yearly Membership.
Eligibility for membership
  1. You may apply for The Styl’us membership if you are over 18 years of age.
  2. Each member is only entitled to one of The Styl’us membership.
  3. Membership is offered at the sole and absolute discretion of The Styl’us and The Styl’us may refuse offering membership to any applicant without giving the reason thereof.
  4. Each Member is required to confirm his/her/its own set of user name and password.
  5. All members have to comply with the Terms and Conditions of Use as set out in the The Styl’us website.
  6. The Styl’us reserves the right to terminate without prior notice any membership and/or suspend the right to use any loyalty point at its sole and absolute discretion.
Method of application
To register for membership, you must apply online through https://the-stylus.com and provide all personal particulars as required.

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