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個人形象指導 | 個人色彩分析


個人形象指導 | 個人色彩分析

THE STYLUS 提供 個人形象指導 | 個人色彩分析 服務. 創辦人 Venus Chan 早於2010提供 個人形象指導 建議, 擁有15年時裝工作經驗和理工時裝設計+多媒體設計背景. 近年也成為日本JPCA認證的 個人色彩分析 師. 我們另也有提供個人衣廚檢閱, 個人購物顧問等. 給予客戶提供專業可靠的服務 

"Fashion is what you're offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose."- Lauren Hutton


We serve you with all your beauty needs and the best products coupled with Personal Styling Service | Personal Color Analysis [ 個人形象指導 | 個人色彩分析 ]

Wardrobe Review

3 Hours - HK$3000

Closet Filter

3 Hours - HK$3000

Japan Personal Color Analysis

2/3 Hours - HK$1800/$2500

Shopping Buddy

3 Hours - HK$3500

Styling Stories

1 week time up - HK$8000

Event Dresser

3 x event outfits - HK$1500

Personal Styling Service | Personal Color Analysis

個人形象指導 | 個人色彩分析




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"What’s my style is not your style, and I don’t see how you can define it. It’s something that expresses who you are in your own way.”

-Iris Apfel


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Personal Styling Service | Personal Color Analysis
個人形象指導 | 個人色彩分析


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個人色彩分析 香港 Personal Color Analysis Image Consultant Venus Chan

Karen Hao

AI Scientist | AI reporter
National magazine award winner in the United State

< Styling Stories 個人形象指導 >

working with The Stylus has been a wonderful and empowering experience. Venus really touched me with her care and attention to detail. She took the time to thoroughly learn about what I do for work and crafted a plan to help me develop a style that uniquely embodies my profession and personality. I frequently give talks around the world and used to feel at a loss for how to dress on stage. I now have the tools to put together outfits I love that give me an extra boost of confidence.

< Personal Color Analysis
個人色彩分析 >

It was an absolute delight! Venus really knows her stuff when it comes to analyzing colors and finding the perfect match for your personal style. Not only did she provide accurate recommendations, but she also made the whole process fun and enjoyable. I left feeling confident and excited to explore my newfound fashion palette. Thank you The Stylus for helping me find my colors and opening up my eyes to appreciate the beauty of the many tones, hues and shades nature provided.

個人形象指導 Image Consultant Venus Chan

Kayi Cheung

Miss Hong Kong Pageant
Actress | Nutritionist | KOL
Service 個人色彩分析 香港 Personal Color Analysis Styling Stories Image Consultant Venus Chan

Eva Tse

Legal Profession

< Styling Stories 個人形象指導 >

It has been an absolute delight to engage Venus's services. She is cheerful and encouraging throughout the entire process, which makes the experience very pleasant. Venus is extremely meticulous in studying my background, personal preferences, and goals. She has truly taken the time to understand who I am as an individual. What I find most impressive is how spot-on Venus is with identifying my strengths and weaknesses. Based on this deep understanding, she has provided invaluable advice for my fashion direction. Her practical guidance and specific shopping suggestions have been incredibly helpful. Venus's service has enhanced my confidence and unlocked my full potential. I would highly recommend her service to anyone looking to elevate their personal image.

< Premium Reborn |
Wedding Style >

I got to know this personal styling service in an app platform, and this is how my transforming journey started. “You care your beauty not because of a man, but because of making yourself happy. That’s how your beauty last long” – this is the most impressive conversation from this warm-hearted founder. She has been providing me with head to toe suggestions. Through her network and experience, she referred great services with reasonable cost and the nearest location. 

I have done a lot of suggested programs: e.g. Chinese doctor treatment. All are well selected. Myself. Venus has also done together a shopping time for clothing mix & match to find out a suitable style. I put my whole confidence to The Stylus styling service and I am anticipating a “new” me by the end of the service! I am glad and thankful to get the professional advice from her, and I would definitely recommend the service to my friends who need this.”

個人色彩分析 香港 Image Consultant Venus Chan

Ruby Chan

Marketing Director
個人色彩分析 香港 Image Consultant

Claire Wong

Musician | Instructor

< Personal Color Analysis
個人色彩分析 >

 I recently tried their services and I must say, it was an absolute game-changer for me. Venus has a deep understanding of color theory and how it can impact our appearance and confidence. She provided me with invaluable insights into which colors suit me best, enhancing my natural features and making me feel more confident than ever before. With her expertise, I now have a personalized guide that helps me make informed decisions when it comes to clothing and makeup. You won't be disappointed!

< Styling Stories 個人形象指導 >

What I appreciated most was Venus's ability to work with my existing wardrobe. She showed me how to mix and match pieces to create versatile outfits, maximizing the potential of my clothes. She also provided valuable shopping guidance, helping me invest in timeless pieces that elevated my style. The personalized style report I received at the end of the session has become my go-to guide. It's a handy reminder of the tips and tricks shared by Venus. I highly recommend her services to any man looking to enhance their style and boost their confidence. Thank you, Venus, for transforming my wardrobe and helping me look my best.

個人形象指導 Image Consultant Venus Chan

Ernest Ng

Executive Coach
Service 個人色彩分析 香港 Personal Color Analysis Image Consultant Venus Chan

Annie Cheung


< Styling Stories 個人形象指導 | Personal Color Analysis 個人色彩分析 >

Venus was incredibly knowledgeable and she worked her magic to curate a complete new outfits that perfectly reflected my personality. The whole service also exceeded my expectations in terms of customer service. Overall, my experience with The Stylus was truly transformative. Not only do for a new style that makes me feel confident and more stylish, but I also gained valuable knowledge from head to toe. I highly recommend giving this service a try. It is totally worthy.

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個人形象指導 | 個人色彩分析


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