What does fashion stylist do

September 18, 2022

We often think of fashion styling as a creative process, but it is also a science. It is a skill that requires knowledge about the latest trends in the industry, understanding body shape and size, and being able to mix different elements together to make them work for your specific needs.

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how to find your passion

August 19, 2022
how to find your passion

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with my life. What is it that I really enjoy doing? What are the things that make me happy and fulfilled. Also, I can turn it into something meaningful? Sounds familiar? I guess this should be what people often talk about – PASSION.

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what is beauty

August 1, 2020
What is beauty

Everyone likes beauty. No matter seeing beautiful things or people, or being beautiful. However, what is beauty exactly? When checking the dictionary, there are various definitions. No one can tell what beauty truly means since different eyes see beauty subjectively.

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talented chef

July 16, 2022
Talented chef

The Styl’us beautiful followers, we have a big news today. YEAYEAYAY!! You are right! We are happy to share more different kind of knowledges with you. First of all, let’s get some unique online international recipes from DOZO by Estellicious cooking on The Styl’us blog – PASSION LIFE session! Who formed DOZO? Here you go – A talented chef – Estee a.k.a. “Estellicious,”

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first date outfit

September 22, 2021
firstdate outfit

FIRST DATE is a very special event for all the women in the world. Every date could be a door of a wonderful and romantic story. Does it sound like a fairy tale? YES!!! What shall we wear then? How to dress and look attractive? ” Ladies! Let me walk you through the process to create an unforgettable unique look for this occasion.

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