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 since 2010

Style brings art directly to your skin. It helps you show not just who you are but the values that make you who you are. Our lines all come from the belief that our future selves are going to be our best selves. We provide the wardrobe for who those people are going to be and package them for who we are now.

Our Philosophy


The Stylus create a closer relationship with the things you wear every day. We are transparent with our design and manufacture process. We are inspired by the relationships we have built over time, getting to see how our designs fit into you life.

Born from experience

Our designs are inspired by a wide range of experiences. While these designs are engaged in contemporary conversations, they are also tied into the hope for a sustainable way of life.

Talented Founder

Meet the founder

Our Founder started to freelance as a personal stylist in back to 2010 with long-standing experience from the fashion industry. Since 1996 she was worked in fashion industry and from the start was inspired by her local designer’s boss and the French company.

After many years in this field, she designed to restart work as a stylist and her passion for mix and match of many outfits to others. She wants to inspire her clients and help them to build up a useful, beautiful and sustainable wardrobe with a personal touch. ”The aim is to mix different quality pieces with unique accessories and some styling skills that lift up every outfit”.

Our Founder’s goal is to create a better styling for her clients and making our neighborhoods with more varieties of colors. My idea is Style is the only thing you can’t buy. It’s not in a shopping bag, a label, or a price tag. It’s something reflected from our soul to the outside world. Everyone is unique in the world. I want to help them to discover their uniqueness. live with gracefulness is what I’m following.


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