Styling Stories 個人造型提升班

The most "hot" and valuable service in The Styl'us for everyone of you. If you need an immediate evolvement within 1 week

10 hours program

Tailor-made for uni-graduated students, candidates or business professionals
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THE STYLUS – 個人造型提升班 Styling Stories. 是最受歡迎服務之一。專為需要「 短期內提升個人 | 品牌形象 的客製 – 形象設計 班」提供禮儀、個人優弱點分析、個人色彩體型分析, 形象顧問 跟進等完善服務,. 讓你一周10小時內感覺重生般的變化

個人造型提升班 - 助你打亮自己

To discover your potential style today!!


1 on 1 private intense full session to boost your self-confidence to shine and express the best uniqueness of yourself.


discover "YOUR IDENTITY" and how to dress to fit your lifestyle by coming to terms with it. We'll help you decide which intriguing fashion directions or opportunities are available for you.


we are helping you to explore the most suitable version of yourself, so nothing can stop you of feeling and looking the best.


receive the chance and guidance to experiment with some different looks and make informed decisions for yourself throughout the process. E.g: learning your most catchy colors and patterns.

What U gain?

1. A detailed styling report (pdf)

2. A proper social manner

3. Understand your weakness and strength

4. A refreshing new of yourself

5. Standard personal color analysis ( not Japan personal color analysis )

6. Face, body shape & proportion analysis

7. Pattern scale analysis

8. A free 1 time follow up (within 3 months)

Our Founder – Venus has more than 15 years fashion experiences to work with both local and international fashion designers. Being able to help others to look confidence and beautiful is like her life mission. “OUR PASSION MADE FOR YOU” that is her slogan. Therefore, looking your best is not impossible. The key is a right team with good eyes and enough experiences to walk along with you on this refreshing path!!

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