Online Service is the Trend

Under a rapid changing world, the technology brings us easier to connect with our beautiful customers.
The Styl’us is providing some online services here and we hope to bring you a professional opinions without any border.
Ready to experience this pleasant tailor-made trend in 21 century?

01 Online Wardrobe Review $700/1 hours 

closet, clothes, shirts-2627852.jpg
online wardrobe review
  • Go through your entire wardrobe, including all categories of cloths and accessories. We will guide you with your existing items for a refreshing look

02 Online Wardrobe Detox $400/1 hours 

online wardrobe detox
  • “Wardrobe Detox” a checklist for cleaning up your wardrobe. It’s important to create an environment that’s as stress-free as possible. Open your curtains and let in some light. Clean up the closet will make sure you are dressed in a comfy clothes

03 Online Styling Consultant Service $700/45 minutes

online styling consultant service
  • Personalized styling advice based on your face & body shape
  • Suggestion on clothing and branding according to your budget

  04 Online Shopping Buddy – $800/1 list

online shopping buddy
  • We provide a shopping buddy to select what you need base on your shopping budget and taste.
  • Free 15 minutes video call for briefly styling advice
  • A 6 items shopping list with links and pictures will be provided (clothes and accessories)


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