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A new trend is today - event dresser is not only for artists and celebrities. It is for everyone of you.

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宴會服裝指導, 飲宴衣著, 宴會, 商務宴會 event dresser


Is time for Advanced Shopping Experience on event attire 宴會服裝指導


attentively consider our clients' stylistic needs for all occasions and events. For example, annual gatherings 宴會, 商務宴會, stage performances, parties, graduation, personal branding, and so on.


make cloths work for you is a key. Do not get the opposite.


providing wedding venue decoration ideas - specially for wedding bride and groom.


have the opportunity and advise to know some new styles and make the right decisions for yourself during the process.

What U gain?

1. 3 x event outfits suggestion 飲宴衣著 (pdf.)

2. Makeup and hair style advice

3. Head to toe full look will be provided

4. Most IMPORTANT: Save your quality time

Our Founder – Venus and her team know how to make her customer look and feel the best, appropriately dress for every occasion no matter if it’s for business, social, or personal life. We will make you right away to the stylish person you actually are.

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