OH!! What if I know the best color on me??

Our natural coloring is in harmony with every part of of our body.

Our eyes, skin and true hair color all complement each other perfectly, showing exactly who we are.

To deliver the best of yours own beauty, we don’t need to wear expensive makeup or expensive clothes.

What we need is just identify the most suitable colors that harmonizes perfectly with the colors that are already in you.

Ready to begin? Let’s start 🙂

Spring warm tone

Everyone with Spring as their season will have low contrast in their complexion, blond or medium blond hair with golden shades. Their skin will have peachy and warm yellow undertones plus a wide range of eye colours going from blue to brown.

The colours that are favourable for this season are Warm, Light and Bright!

Summer cool tone

For people with the Summer season we will see that the contrast is less, the shades of the skin and hair are brighter and their eyes have icy blue and green tones. Skin, hair and eyes will have a muted and delicate overall look.

To match your Summer complexion use colours that are Cool, Light and Soft!

Autumn warm tone

Last but not least we have this with the Autumn Season. They have variable contrast in their complexion, with peachy and yellow undertones in their skin and green veins.

The colour of their eyes will be an earthy colour that will match a lot of the colours in your palette.

The colours that work well for Autumns are Warm, Dark and Soft!

Winter cool tone

If your season is Winter you will generally have a high contrast between your eyes, hair and skin (e.g. pale skin with dark hair and blue eyes). Your veins will look blue and your complexion will be light pink and blue.

Now, in terms of colours that are favourable for this season, we will have to find colours that are going to generate a high contrast, to be in harmony with your complexion. So the colours that would be best for you are Cool, Dark and Bright!

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