Why is it that we are so obsessed with the appearance? We have a tendency to think of beauty as something that should be celebrated in all aspects of life. But what does this mean to us? What does it mean for our society? How do we know if someone is beautiful or not? What does beauty mean to you?.…read more.

Everyone likes beauty. No matter seeing beautiful things or people, or being beautiful. However, what is beauty exactly? When checking the dictionary, there are various definitions. No one can tell what beauty truly means since different eyes see beauty subjectively.…read more.

Why thousands of women indulge in makeup products and makeup classes? Every woman desires the best makeup on face. Great & skilled makeup makes one charming. There is no doubt that the best make-up outstands the facial contour, makes your skin smoother and more energetic overall. It gives an impressive personal image.…read more.

To be honest, have a beautiful make up. The pervious paragraph I mentioned – Carry a smile. Hmm, is that enough? How to be even better!Let’s think for 10 second. Bingo, Having a flawless skin will add extra points . You will use less concealer and less foundation. Image going out without put on a makeup? That’s a great feeling.…read more.

Continuing with the last article about skin fasting. We are introducing a skin fasting 7 days care steps for you all.…read more

Dating is one of the happiest matters in life.  However, little details can ruin the whole affair. When time and place have been selected carefully, dressing up right and nice would brighten the dating and atmosphere. Especially first impression means a lot. It also increases your attractiveness.…read more.

First date is a very special event for all the women in the world. Every date could be an entrance to a wonderful and romantic story. Does it sound like a fairy tale? YES!!! “omg!! omg! What shall we wear then? How to dress and look attractive? ” Calm down, ladies! Let me help you to create a unforgettable look to attend this unique occasion for you….read more

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I love beauty and peace. Using my skills to help others become more confidence is a very meaningful task to me. Imagine a society in which everyone look nice and confidence lived together in a perfect harmony.
It is beautiful.

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