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To be honest, have a beautiful make up. The pervious paragraph I have mentioned – Carry a smile. Hmm, is that enough? How to be better? Let’s think for 10 seconds. Bingo, having a flawless skin increase extra points. Less concealer and less foundation. Imagine going out without put on a makeup? That’s a great feeling.

Myself, I am not a makeup person. What I am following is a nature look. Most of the time I don’t put on makeup. Just simple eyeliner and lipstick are my main makeup tool. Skin is one of our biggest organ. The main propose of it is to protect our body and balance out inner/outer condition. It Is alive. Therefore, I won’t put any make up on my face whenever I can and let it rest. Recently, I discovered a term called “Skin fasting” which I found this idea is very similar to what I have been doing.

  “Skin fasting” is a concept invented by a Japanese doctor, Ryuichi Utsugi.  That is to let the skin be in a state of looting for a short time, and then remove the excess nutrients, gradually let the skin slowly hydrate.  Reduce skin contact with any skin care products, restart the skin’s self-repair function, and enhance self-healing power.

 It is often said that skin care products are very important. However, Japanese doctor Uzu Mulongyi advocates reducing the use of skin care products. Preservatives, surfactants, synthetic fragrances, pigments, etc. are commonly added in skin care products. Long-term use is actually harmful to the skin.  “Skin fasting” reduces the exposure to the above-mentioned easily sensitizing substances, which is beneficial and harmless to the skin.  

Who will be suitable for “skin fasting” 

 1. Skin is prone to inflammation and allergies
  2. seasons changing, will it be difficult for the skin to adapt and become sensitive?
  3. after exfoliating the skin, absorption of skin care products has not improved
  4. Use the same skincare for many years
  5. No matter how much moisturizing is use, the skin’s water and oil will still be unbalanced
  6. Apply too many skin care products every day

 When is the best time for “skin fasting”

From the eve of the menstrual period to the beginning, when the season changes, and after the trip, the skin is in a distorted state, because during this period the skin becomes sensitive and absorbing too much nutrients can easily cause acne and other inflammations.  , It’s better to take a break!  Allow sufficient time for the skin to adjust and adapt to enhance its self-healing power.

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