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Continuing with the last article about skin fasting. We are introducing a skin fasting 7 days care steps for you all.

Day 1: DETOXING – Complete fast Wash your face with warm water in the morning and evening, reset all skin care products and cosmetics, especially heavy moisturizing creams.  At first, it may feel oily and uncomfortable. People might not use to it.

Day 2: REPLENISHMENT – Sooner or later, continue to wash your face with only warm water.  Since there is no use for a long time on the first day, the skin loses water and the water and oil are imbalanced, so the next day you need to start hydrating, and you don’t need a lotion with high nutrients.  You can directly wet the compress with mineral water.

Day 3: EXFOLIATING – In the past, the skin had accumulated too much nutrition and could not absorb it. Now it needs to be cleaned up through exfoliation to help the skin breathe.  For mixed oily skin and sensitive skin, you can use a non-irritating and soothing cleansing mask. After cleansing, apply mineral water to make the skin more comfortable.

Day 4: FOCUS ON HYDRATING – You will find that nutrients are quickly absorbed by the skin and the effect will be even better!  Even the problem of acne-prone skin gradually improved.  On the fourth day, you can use a soothing lotion with nutrients to get wet.

Day 5: ADD LOTION TO LOCK WATER – Do not use whitening and anti-aging lotions, only simple moisturizing effects are improved.  Remember, do not use high-nutrition skin care products a few days before fasting.

Day 6: ADD ESSENCE MASSAGE – After hydrating with lotion, you can choose the essence according to your skin type, and then make a simple massage on the skin to promote the absorption of serum and blood circulation.

Day 7: RESTORE NORMAL SKIN CARE – You can wash your face with facial cleanser again (remember, you can’t use facial cleanser for the first 6 days), you will find that the absorption of the skin is super good, and the skin becomes tender and elastic.

I do it twice per year usually. For the proper 7 days one,  I will do it depends on my skin condition.  Skin fasting might not suitable for all  skin types are suitable.  Perhaps, the best time to begin is when your skin condition is normal and well-restored. You may stop anytime when the greasing feeling over you. What’s more, it is always good to consult with a professional first,

If you are ready to start. Just begin with regenerate your skin by a simple “skin fasting” I hope it will work well on your skin as mine.



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