Who is personal stylist

Personal stylist and fashion stylist sound similar but are two different rough guess altogether. A personal stylist is about dressing an individual’s image through the lens of fashion and helping them go over their existing closet, shop for key items that they might be missing and also helping identify their unique style. They assist them regularly by focusing on their styling needs. A fashion stylist, on the other hand, works on projects and refines upon a pre-established setup.  They may work across editorial and commercial. Mainly dealing with a more voguish side of styling world and work on set.

It is important to note that personal styling works differently as the fashion industry. It’s not quite the same when styling for an actor or a celebrity where you work directly with brands and working on a magazine shoot or brand campaign.  As a personal stylist, they are not just picking clothes look good on people – they are actually creating an image that will represent the client in their desired profession. They help clients find their own personal style by using their knowledge in fashion by analyzing customer body shape and providing advise that will suit for them.

In the new century, a personal styling session is an investment in yourself, your personal brand, your lifestyle and your wardrobe.  Everything is coordinated and organized. It’s so much deeper than simply buying clothes. It’s much more personal, carefully planned and has a greater result than any form of shopping or wardrobe cleansing that you’ll ever do on your own. Because IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU. Check with The Styl’us today to get more information now!!

who is personal stylist

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