What does fashion stylist do

We often think of fashion styling as a creative process, but it is also a science. It is a skill that requires knowledge about the latest trends in the industry, understanding body shape and size, and being able to mix different elements together to make them work for your specific needs.

Fashion stylists often work for magazines and fashion designers. They have contacts with agents who may be able to help get their client ( actors, models and celebrities’ ) on a talk show or in an ad campaign. Their task is to find the right people.

A professional fashion stylist is involved in the creation of a fashion aesthetic and vision for a brand or product. They choose colors, fabrics, cuts, styles and trends that have worked within the industry before bringing them together with their own creative genius ( musicians, fashion designers and brands as consultants ) to create something new. Most often working with a bigger creative team sharing references, developing concepts, experimenting and collaborating to produce an original outcome.

Fashion styling also involves developing branding strategies for companies as well as marketing campaigns to help spread awareness about products.  They are responsible for making sure their clients are dressed in stylish clothing that’s appropriately tailored and up-to-date with the most current fashion trends. This also includes shoes and accessories. They often attend industry events as well, such as fashion shows.

Is it easy to be a part of the fashion world? Well, before we dive into the journey of becoming a fashion stylist, you must keep in mind that being a stylist is not just about glamour. It is a journey of struggle, relentless hard work, creativity, and productivity.




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